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Why don't I just pick up a basket from a retail store? 

Each gift basket is unique and not picked off the shelf/mass produced. We shy away from "stuffing" baskets full of crackers, salsas, chocolates and other generic "fillers". When we do utilize food, we engage Canadian hand made produced goods. We also travel to the USA for buying trips to ensure we have distinctive goods in our baskets.

We also pass on as much wholesale pricing that we can and special discounts we obtain from vendors as much as we can.

I saw a basket I love - and want that exactly, can you reproduce it for me?

Each basket is as unique as a snowflake.

All of our baskets are unique and one of a kind. Any examples you are on these pages are past customized creations and can not be duplicated. If you see something you like- we will do our best to create something similar. Please understand we are always finding unique items and going to gift shows to find new products.

Why do most baskets have only food in them? 

Unless the client specifically requests, food is generally not the central "theme". We have done several wine/cheese/ antipasti/biscotti/sweet baskets. We do like to add a few fun things too, so the focus is not ALL food oriented. These items may include decorations, books, desk calendars, magazines, kitchen stuff, decorations, CD's, trivets, etc.

How much do your baskets cost? 

The best "all around baskets" cost around $100-200 each. For special circumstances we have done small 1-2 item swag baskets for attendees/place settings at Corporate Christmas parties.

The cost of the gift basket is INCLUSIVE of all goods, fees and supplies required to create the final gift basket. The cost does not include GST or delivery charges.

The basket price quoted will be +/- 10%. Since all our baskets are hand created and assembled, there is sometimes a variance of what items go into the basket. We will do out best to meet the price exactly but we do advise that a $100 basket might end up $110 due to the originality and customization of each.

How do you deliver your baskets? 

We can personally hand deliver our baskets. This personal service is offered at a price point above the standard courier rates. Alternatively we can use a designated/preferred courier company.

If an outside courier company is used we are not responsible for how the basket arrives at the recipient once it leaves our studio and for any undelivered baskets. We put great care and detail into our baskets and find that the same respect is not shown when third parties have to pack them into their vehicles/bike trailers/etc.

If you opt to use a courier, please be aware that we have no say on their delivery times/lead times required. 



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